Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Because a few people have asked how I ended up working from home

I get asked about working at home a lot. I mean, a lot. It seems to be a difficult thing to do, and I will admit to having had my own trials and tribulations with it.

I've been freelancing for over 3 years now, and I can say that I no longer really take jobs anyone from freelance websites, Craigslist, or other online forums. Most jobs have come my way due to referrals or just getting my writing out there.

But, for someone just starting out, I can't recommend freelance sites enough. Even if you just get a few good pieces for your portfolio, it could be worth it to you.

This week, I did a focus piece on working from home and focused on Odesk. Take a peek:

Survive Parenthood Magazine - Work at Home Series

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