Saturday, December 18, 2010

Stuck for a Christmas gift? Send them an iTunes Christmas app

I love apps. I have apps on my iPad and apps on my iPhone. I spend hours searching through the app store, just for the fun of it. Normal apps are fun, Christmas apps are even better!
In no random order, here are a few of my best pics for Christmas apps this Holiday season. The best part? They are all .99 cents. Send a few gifts through the iTunes app store this year, just because you are awesome. Or just give them to yourself, because these are great ways to while away time while hiding in your closet just to get away from your relatives.

Video Calls with Santa - You know that point kids hit before Christmas, where they are done being good and the horns come out? Fighting, not cleaning up after themselves, just generally being naughty? There's an app for that! Video Calls with Santa lets you call Santa on your iPhone. There is a number to call for when they are naughty, nice, and even voice mail. It had the potential to be cheesy, but this app really works. You let them talk to Santa, and when they are done you tap the screen. Santa then keeps talking. It was .99 cents, and so far I have broke up 4 fights and received the festive gift of a clean playroom out of it. Rating: 3 Dings and an extra Ding just because its Santa

Cut the Rope - This is a very fun game, even for the kids. My kids basically took away the iPad and came back when they beat it. So maybe not such a good thing if you like your iPad. Rating: Two Dings, and a thumbs up for Omnomnom because he's cute

Hamster Holidays for iPhone and iPad - This is so cute. Much in the same way that Jingle Cats meow their way through Christmas carols, these little festive hamsters use bells. You can either play along or listen as they chime their bells. Not a lot of substance here, but its only a buck, so why not? Rating: Two Dings, because it must have been difficult to get those hamsters to wear those hats and pose for that picture.

EA is having a sale right now. Many of their board games are 90% off. I just grabbed Boggle, Tetris, Pictureka, and Monopoly. All for .99 cents. I love playing board games on the iPad. Scrabble is a huge hit in my house, and you can't argue with a board game for a dollar. Really, just think of the hours of entertainment it will give Grandpa this Christmas. Give him your phone to play with instead of your TV remote control. Rating: EA Rocks. 3 Dings for posting a Christmas sale

As I still have a lot of work to do before Christmas and I normally only blog when inspiration strikes, I will wish you a Merry Christmas and see you in the New Year!

Happy Holidays!

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