Thursday, July 22, 2010

The ultimate in baby pictures

The days are long, the years are short

Just had to give a bloggy blast to SilverLamb Studios for the most amazing Cake Smash pictures I've ever seen. That's my little pooper up there, and although I know him to be a toilet brush wielding little devil, I'm so grateful that Sarah was able to capture the angel in him.

I've never done a cake smash for my kids, and with #4 nearing his first birthday, I knew his babyhood was slipping away. I'm one of those moms who is responsible for keeping Walmart photo in business, and looking back, I really wish I wouldn't have. The photos I have of my little one are so completely beautiful that I am really upset I didn't do it for the other three.

Here is a link to the the blog post where Sarah shows off the pics.

Here is the video that accompanied the smash. I just love it. It was shot by Matt from Silver Screen Tots.


  1. Aww thanks Shelly! What a great post!

  2. Thanks Shelly. Glad we could capture a moment for you.