Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Peeing in garbage cans and watching my baby crawl across the floor

I don't normally blog about my kids, but lately they have been doing some strange/awesome stuff and I really want to write it down.

My baby, my little tiny baby, just crawled across the floor. He's not really going fast yet, but he's inching his way to things he shouldn't be touching and it's just as amazing watching him as it was when I saw my first baby crawl (she inched on her butt to the dog dish and helped herself to some kibble, but at least she moved!).

Even on my 4th go around, all of his baby goodness is amazing to me. I sometimes sit and just smell his hair, because I know how quickly they grow. His nicknames are growing too. For me he's gone through a bunch, and I am currently settled on "Pooper", which I am sure everyone hopes wears off soon.

My first son, who is currently 6 1/2, is and always has been a horrible sleeper. Rather than spending my time writing lately, I am painting my boys room so that he may actually consider sleeping in his own bed for an entire night. Given that he is such a horrible sleeper, he is also a sleep walker. Last week he slept his way straight into the kitchen, walked past my husband, opened the cupboard door and pulled down his pants to pee right into the garbage can! Husband narrowly thwarted his plan and sent him in the right direction. There is always a lot of pee on the floor of my bathroom. Parents of only girls, you can feel thrilled that you will never experience stepping in a small puddle in the middle of the night.

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