Wednesday, February 3, 2010

This is me at 39

Not sure how it happened, but I have entered my 39th year of life. This May, I will officially turn 39, and even looking at the numbers written there I cannot believe it to be true. Fortunately for me, many people say that I don't look 39 (liars) so that warms the cockles of my heart but it does not change reality.

I could lie about my age, but my kids would just announce it to anyone who would listen anyway. They love birthdays, and will celebrate them for me with a cake I baked and ice cream I can't eat (lactose intolerance) with as much enthusiasm as if I was celebrating myself. Woo hoo *sob sob* 39. Blech.

There are so many things that I thought I would accomplish before I turned 39, so I thought I'd check in on my "Things to do before I'm 39 Bucket list" and see where I am at:

  • Marriage - Ding. September 2000, 10 years this year.
  • Kids - Ding. I have that taken care of, four times over.
  • Richness - I thought I would be rich. Not stupid I-have-a-butler-rich but rich enough to think, I'm well off, I can buy that iPad TODAY if i want it and who cares? Instead, I seem to spend as though I am rich, which is counterproductive actually. Not sure how I planned on getting rich, but the thought was there. 
  • My name on a book - I've written eBooks for other people, and hundreds of articles without my name (and a few with), but I have not had an actual paperish book published. I'm working on it. 
  • Living in California - Nope, I live in Vancouver, which is on the same coast but about as far away from California as you can get while still being on the same earthquake fault lines. *Opens up Umbrella because am stuck in torrential sideways downpour.* I wanted to live in Cali for the sunshine and the access to Disneyland. I am a Disney freak, and I am proud of it. Which leads me to the next item on my list.
  • Annual pass to Disney and the means to use it - Given that I have four children, I'd need to have scratched #1 off my list before I was able to do this, so I dream instead. I look at Disney blogs and I view Disney photos of days when it's empty and I LONG to be there. I've converted my kids into small Disney animals as well, which drives my husband insane as he refuses to be brainwashed. I've told him to get on board the bandwagon because there are several dating sites available for Disney people to find other Disney people, but he ain't taking the bait. 
  • Working at something I love - This I actually have covered. I am a freelance writer and I think that's awesome. My only issue is time, because I could write more if I had more time.
Not on my bucket list but something I have acheived anyway:

  • Deep furrows between my eye brows from frowning, yelling, spending too much time on the computer, and from the never ending fatigue headache between my eyes
  • A constant twitch due to the above mentioned yelling and lack of sleep
  • More experience with web sites than I ever thought possible and which I have put in the back of my head to access, um, never. 
Yes, time will pass and I will turn 39 this year. I'm ok with that, because the alternative is to stop living and I am NOT ok with that.

Happy Wednesday (is it Wednesday?)

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